Services offered

Search & Selection of Qualified Personnel, Top & Middle Management.
We support companies in the delicate process of selecting Qualified Professionals and Top & Middle Management: the foundation of business success.

Quadra Research Professionals have consolidated experience and skills that allow them to carry out a proactive Head Hunting activity, i.e. A carefully targeted market research aimed at identifying and effectively approaching even those Professional Profiles that are difficult to find through traditional search and selection channels (such as job portals and social professional networks).
The direct research is carried out in full compliance with the principles of professional ethics and with a relationship of trust with the Client Company. All information is strictly confidential.
Each Research Project is designed and tailored together with the Client Company by consultants/head hunters specialised in Executive & Professional Search through the following phases:
1. profiling of the required candidate (focusing on the skills, professional experiences and personal characteristics that define the profile of the ideal candidate) and mapping of the reference market
2. activation of diversified research channels in order to be effective, direct and timely:
• targeted scouting within target companies or sectors
• use of professional network web services
• consultation of our company database
• publication of announcements on our company Job Board and on the most qualified professional job search portals.
3. interviews with potential candidates carried out with discretion and guaranteeing the utmost confidentiality to all parties involved
4. assessment of skills related to the role to be filled, the degree of seniority required, the leadership demonstrated
5. the analysis of soft skills predicting the candidate’s work performance through the administration of aptitude tests, by way of example BFQ-2 and IN BASKET
6. an in-depth analysis of the motivation for change and related expectations
7. drafting of a final report on the work carried out and on the profiles of the individual candidates, summarising the characteristics and the most significant data, including test results
8. support and, possibly, assistance to the Customer during the entire interview phase in the company and negotiation aimed at the elaboration of the economic proposal and the contractual terms
9. periodic monitoring of the positive response by the Candidate in the adaptation to the new reality.

Quadra Research is able to strategically support the Client in identifying and consequently hiring qualified Managers with fixed-term assignments and in possession of targeted skills in terms of sector/market/product in order to achieve specific and clearly defined objectives in a timely manner.
The contexts for the insertion of this managerial figure can be the most varied:
1. mergers & acquisitions
2. financial restructuring
3. generational handover and Change Management projects
4. development or strengthening of new business or new markets
5. implementation of new processes / procedures
6. due diligence processes with possible entry into the corporate capital of Private Equity Funds

We support companies in planning, managing and executing positive, efficient and profitable change.
For this reason, we offer ORGANISATIONAL ANALYSIS services consisting in carrying out an extensive check-up of the company context (processes, skills, roles, responsibilities and potentials) to highlight any critical areas in the organisational functioning and propose corrective actions.
This is done through the collection and study of company documentation (organisation charts, remuneration policies) and the mapping of the soft skills of specific company resources through the Assessment methodology, carefully managing each phase – including the administration of aptitude tests.
The ASSESSMENT is a valuable and effective tool, recognized internationally and applied to objectively identify and highlight the personal characteristics and attitudes of both candidates and company employees.
It is a tool that we use to complete the Executive Search or Organisational Analysis in order to provide as comprehensive a picture as possible of each resource.

The Sector Analysis service and related Compensation Policies applied are aimed at those Customers who wish to:
1. Monitor a specific sector in a targeted manner in order to verify the adequacy of their compensation policies
2. Check which professional figures cover the strategic roles for the main competitors
3. Check the availability of the best resources on the market of interest
We also design and carry out the identification and pre-analysis of highly specific professional figures based on business needs that are not immediate but are predictable in the medium term.

Quadra Research is also able to support the BoD in identifying and recruiting new members of the Board whose expertise fully meets the company’s changing needs in terms of corporate governance